External gearing with Turntable

I was thinking of externally gearing a turntable. I know people have done this in the past and was wondering if anyone would post some pictures that i could get some ideas from. I am wanting to use the larger turn tables form the turntable bearing kit.


anyone have anything to say??

So are you wanting to essentially do a compound gearing with turntables as the final output?

exactly. I am shooting for a 1 to 25 gear ratio.

There’s a 25:1 ratio using the small turntable in this post.


You should be able to do the same thing with the large one as well.

That’s what i want, but i’m not sure if you can get the hole for the motor in the turntable to line up with the holes in the c channel so the gear can pass through and still have the turntable mounting line up. I might just use the smaller turntable as it seams easier. I also am not concerned with the larger turntable being exactly 25 to 1.

Thanks James.

Why 25:1? That’s really slow. You can hang at 7:1 fairly easily.

Just curious.