Externally geared turbo gearset or high torque internal gearing?

I was pondering gear configurations for the latest version of our bot and was wondering which gives more torque: A turbo motor with external reductions or a high torque motor without reductions. I’d be applying what I learn to our drivetrain in order to bully defend against other bots.

Internal gearing has less friction and saves a considerable amount of space. I’d go with that. And your robot weight and wheel traction also cobtrivute to your ability to bully defend against other robots. Keep that in mind.
Edit: Although, a torque motor coupled with an external gearing would have the most torque. But keep in mind that the more torque you have, the slower you are. That can lead to quicker teams just dodging you and thwarting your strategy.

How would you reccomend I increse the weight of our bot in a tight space ( inside the bot )?

You could build the base from steel instead of aluminum. It weighs more. Or just add steel parts stacked up.

See my edit on my previous reply, also. It’s got some useful information.

That makes sense. I make most of my plays when the enemy is trying to score an objective such as a cap or flag and are resting in a single place.

That can get hard when faster robots are attacking those objectives. Defense is vexed the best route in these games. It’s usually an auxiliary task adopted by teams looking for an advantage

you using V5 or cortex?