Extra motor ideas for tipping point game

Hello, we have a robot for worlds, and we have an extra motor not being used. We can’t think of anything but our robotics teacher said we should use the extra motor. Our robot has a 4 motor drive, 2 motor lift, and a 1 motor ring intake. We have a back goal lift powered by pistons, and the front lift has a claw also powered by piston. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I’d recommend converting your 2M lift to a 1M lift (adjusting gear ratios as necessary) and going with a 6M drive, since the goal rush is such a critical part of Tipping Point.


I’d do exactly as the person above said. Two motor lift is definitely not necessary. If you are worried about your lift overheating, add some strong rubber bands (mounted at points so it is an equilateral triangle when lift full upwards), and that should help the motor. Then go 6 motor drive. If you need help with gearing for the drive with 6 motors, for 2.75 inch wheels you can do 600 RPM, and for 3.25 inch wheels you can maybe get away with 500 RPM, I’ve seen 360 work. In addition, if you have 4 inch wheels, good 200 RPM. Good Luck!

up the gear ratio on your arm and turn your drive into a 6 motor drive. if you don’t want to do that then add a high ring mech. like this team.


Can you help explain how the motor sharing works and what two things it is doing when sharing?

It is not my robot but if I understand it correctly there are 2 motors that are connected to a pto that is activated by pneumatics. Whe the pneumatics are extended the driving gear is connected to the drive making it a 6-motor drive. This means that the arm is de activated. Then they can contract the pneumatic which will slide the gear into contact with a different set of gears that would drive arm so you would have a 4motor drive and a 2motor arm with this new configuration.

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This is the Forum post on the robot build so they might be able to explain it better since its their robot.

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Here is a link to a YouTube video that explain another pto that has the motors shifting between the intake and the drive which imo is a better option than between the Lift and the drive.


no, that would literally die

360 or 333 are some of the ratios that work on 3.25 wheels.
And for 4 inch wheels, 280 also works
for 2.75s 450 and 600 (YOU HAVE TO BE SUPER LIGHT)


Anything beyond 300 rpm (converted to a 4 inch wheel scale) is only really feasible with a very light robot. 360 is the most I would push for on 3.25s (it’s about 292.5 rpm), and I’m not really sure what an optimal gear ratio for 2.75s are but the same principle applies. The faster you go, the lighter you’re going to have to be in order to accelerate to top speed in a reasonable amount of time, and in order to make sure your drive isn’t under a large amount of strain.

400 does work as well, but requires a decently light bot and 6 motor drive.

I agree, however I’d consider 400 to be higher than what I would recommend any team to go just because your robot would have to be designed carefully to save on weight, while lower speeds have a little wider margin on how heavy the bot can be.

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Ok I will into consideration, I had thought about converting into a six motor drive and have been procrastinating on deciding if I should do it or not. Thanks everyone.

Not to push you, but if your team is attending worlds, don’t procrastinate, you are going to want to have your driver practice with the extra power/know how this affects your burn out/know how to code it. Good Luck!