Extra motor ideas

so my team(30047W)will be going to state in two weeks and I have an extra motor. i was wondering if any beautiful people have any great ideas on how I should use my extra motor. I’m using seven right now( 4 for the wheels, two for the intakes, and one for the lift)

another thing is that my bot is small its a 17 by 16 bot (LxW)
I will post pictures tomorrow

Change your category, this is in VEX IQ!

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What type of robot do you have?

I have a tray bot with a few differences. I will post pictures tomorrow

Maybe a strafe wheel or a wall? I’m assuming from your motor distribution you use differentials to use your drive motors to tilt. Maybe a cube clamp kind of like a claw to stop cubes from falling out of your tray, and it can be opened when deploying?

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Strafe wheel would be good, cube clamp is also nice

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Self righting, flag waving, slider tromboning, bicycle horn honking, licence plate swapping, Goal Zone protecting, wall projecting, Tower emptying, robot unfolding, tower-alignment-mechanism activating, blockapulting, static-guard spraying, or tokyo drifting.


There was a similar conversation here that might be relevant.


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