extra motors

Dear forum users i have a four motor drive and want solutions of what to do with an extra 2-3 motors that are left over after an initial building of the robot?

So, you will have extra motors to use after you have build the Drive, Lift, and Intake?

From your post it sounds like your just building a robot for the fun of it or are you making a competition robot.

Maybe… but he is from Aperture. Some teams do not use all of the 10 motors available. Me on the other hand, well, I wish I was in the college tournament :smiley:

I think some cool things to be able to do is have a “Trough Cover”. We were talking about this the other day. We would just have something that would cover one of our troughs, that way we can protect it.

Did you mean all four wheels have a motor? What style of drive do you have? 4 mechanums? Holonomic X or cross? H drive? Standard 4 wheel with regular/omni wheels?

Doubling up on motors will increase torque on that subsystem. If the motors are geared for the same speed then you are good to chain them together using gears or chains of the same gear/sprocket sizes. The default torque internal gears on the 393 is just about the same as the 269 and 3-wire motors.

More torque can also allow you to run in a different end gear ratio on the output of a drive train where one motor would roll over and cry like a baby.

Options without seeing more of your robot:

  1. Add an additional set to the lift subsystem motors. That always seems to want more torque and lift power. You might be able to lift more sacks or reliably run for an hour without tripping the PTC.

  2. Add them to the drive motors (evenly left/right). Not sure if this would be good in a holonomic to only add to two wheels or not. Good if you want ot push othe rrobots around.

  3. Add it to the claw/grabber if it makes sense. The vacuum sucker conveyors can get stuck sometimes with lower torque motors.

  4. Add another mechanism! Make something else that does some cool trick like pick up sacks from the back or side of the robot, make a cool spinning logo for your robot, etc.

Downside is it’s difficult to tell when you stripped a gear on one of these chained motors without taking some things apart.

Another downside is more parts = more friction. Also, more torque is more strength to mesh gears, bend shafts, and bend metal as a result. A drive train with more gears can add some slop too.

More power!!!

You can add those motors to your drive train and have a 6 motor drivetrain that can go faster or be stronger. You can also use some f those motors to add more functions to your bot, like a trough cover like jesse323z suggested, or a separate de-scorer or maybe even a catapult or something. Or you could just not implement those motors, since you don’t have to use ten motors on the robot.

i am competing and alas i’m not on aperture this year and thanks for the postive feed back