Extra Parts?

Any suggestions on where to get extra parts, such as nuts, bolts, etc without having to order them?

Just to start off I am going to assume you are competing in VRC.

VRC rules allow screws and nuts to be any commercially available nuts(within a certain range). This means that you can go to home depot or any other hardware store. Also you can buy them online from mcmastercarr.

Well if you don’t want to order or buy them, it’s hard to get any unless you steal them. :smiley:

In all seriousness now, if you are looking for places to get items without having to wait and pay for shipping, you can get screws and some other items at regular retail stores.

R7c covers which screws other than VEX ones you can use:

There is also R7b, which is often used to get common parts cheaper at retailers, such as #32 and #64 elastics:

I would ad that getting parts like screws can be rather pricy at the hardware store. but things like rubber bands and zip ties are often cheaper.

when most teams buy outside of vex they still order it, just from a different suppler such as mcmaster carr.