Extra Pneumatics Reservoir?

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone going to the Haverford Stampede this Saturday had an extra pneumatics reservoir. We order some extras, but they aren’t gonna be here by Saturday so we’re pretty disappointing. I was just wondering if anybody going would be willing to lend us a reservoir that they weren’t using. We would be willing to pay to use it, because we really need them. :smiley: Thanks guys.

NAR will be there. I’m going to be head ref come talk to me in the morning.


Ok, thanks so much. I was also wondering if its ok to use an air compressor to pump up our pneumatics. According to a previous post Karthik said that it is allowed in terms of legality, but I just want to make sure the noise is ok. We were able to use it at all the previous events we’ve been to but it is kind of loud when we use it. Do you know who I should contact to find out if its ok, because if we can’t use it we will have to go out and buy a bike pump. Thanks again!

Thanks Chuck! Can’t wait for the competition.

Also, 2616B will be eternally grateful for any spare pneumatic tubing, as it seems no hardware store in our area sells it.

We’ll have to see how much you need, but we may be able to oblige. We have some spare strips left over, and depending on whether andrewremmers lends us a reservoir, we may have enough left over for you guys.