Extra Reservoirs at Anaheim?

Hey all,

While we were building our robots this last week, we discovered that we wanted more reservoirs, but unfortunately we did not have enough time to order them (we didn’t have the money to order a whole new kit, so we went to another seller instead of VEX).

So do any of you wonderful teams out there plan on bringing some extra pneumatic reservoirs (tanks) to Anaheim this year that we could borrow for the duration of the tournament?

If there’s anything we could do/bring for you in exchange (or just because), we’d be happy to help.

The VEX store at the World Championship carries most VEX parts. We don’t use pneumatics on our robot, so we don’t have any. However, you could buy some from the VEX store.

I don’t know if the VEX store will sell just the reservoir by itself. If you want to borrow one from us, you are welcome to. We have some we are not using this year and I will try to remember to bring them along with us. Just check us out at our pit. We will be checking in sometime Wed. afternoon.
Doug - 3018 Mentor


Yeah the VEX store won’t be selling reservoirs by themselves (99% sure on this) because they usually just carry what they have available online. Unless it’s a new “product” they’re releasing :slight_smile:

My team is in the need of some solenoid cables, the only one we have broke. We would be willing to buy it from you if it’s necessary. I’m not sure if the VEX store will carry this cable by itself. Is there any possibility of an agreement we could come to?

I will have to check this out with the team to see if we any to spare, we do have a Pneumatic system on the robot, just not the tanks. You are welcome to stop by and check.

the DiscoBots should have an extra reservoir at Championships. Stop by our pit and we can loan it out !

My team has 2-3 extra reservoirs as well. And a solenoid cable. :slight_smile:

Any chance you might lend or sell this solenoid cable to team 2243b?

We would be able to lend it to you at Anaheim. Sure. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you mean the double acting piston one? Err… wait. You just mean the cable that snaps into it don’t you?

We can still loan you one though. Will your team be there the 18th or 19th?

Yes, the cable that snaps into the solenoid (we have the double acting one, but I’m not sure if its the same for all pneumatics). We would be grateful if you would lend us this cable. I’ll be there the 18th, so I’ll stop by your pit. I’ll be wearing my nametag.

Alright. We’ll be there the 18th as well. And I’ll have my nametag on too.

On your VEX ID it says CSM, are you in a college team?

Yes I am. So make sure you head to the college pits. Which should actually make me easier to find I guess. Seeing as there are only 47 college teams.

OK thanks for being so kind!

Your welcome :slight_smile:

I do it because of the kindness Jesus has shown me.

Stop by our pits, one of our bots has 7 tanks in their bot although they really only need 6 =]