Extra reservoirs at Anaheim

Our robot requires a lot of air, and it would be helpful if our team could borrow a couple of pneumatics reservoirs from other teams at Anaheim

I’ll be willing to give money as collateral if that’s an issue

Thanks in advance!

Someone will likely be able to lend you a set, but if you don’t get any responses the VEX Store has parts you can buy. Expensive, but it’ll work.

Our club is out of money, and we wouldn’t want to spend more money for pneumatics that we might not make use of in the future, since we already spent a lot of money on them.

I have one extra reservoir you can probably borrow.
(I’ll also need to borrow a backup battery or two if you or another team is willing).

Our robot (Floyd) uses a lot of air in battle, and we used to take an electric air compressor to tournaments. Taking the compressor thru an airport was a big hassle, so we finally tried a high-performance bike pump–and it worked a treat! 6 to 8 strokes and both of our air tanks were pumped to 110 psi. When we pulled off the air nozzle, the pressure would drop almost exactly to 100 psi. We found that you could take the bike pump on the plane (Southwest) as a carry-on.

Be careful to get a good bike pump ($40 or higher) because the cheap ones won’t do the job. Also be very careful to not over-inflate. It is against the rules, and it will also blow the O-rings out of your solenoids. 100 psi. spread between two air reservoirs allows us to shoot our catapult 10-11 times all the way across the field, while still giving us plenty of air left over for the other gadgets.

We do have extra batteries you could use. Do you want a charger to go with the battery?

I’m referring to the 9 volt backup battery. It’s required to have one on each robot, but I only have one holder and 0 batteries (for my two robots).

Do you mean the batteries themselves? Or the cables?

We usually have an extra handful of 9V batteries with us.

I would need one cable and two actual batteries. Thank you everyone who offered. It seems like I’ll be able to get them from someone. I’ll try to remember to bring the extra reservoir.

I can throw a few extra tanks in our travel stuff as well in case you need them.

Teams 7232, there are three of us!

That would be really awesome. Thanks!

What’s the team number and I can bring tanks by if you need it.