(Extremely) Unofficial Scoring Question

So my team was wondering how many points this might be worth…
Mobile cone stacking.jpg


So, judging by the pic, it seems that you have opted to score in the 50 pt zone. I would like to know your reasoning behind that. My teams have stated that it’s too much of a hassle. But that’s besides the point. There are 8 cones on a mobile goal. That means that there is 16 points worth of cones. Now add the 50 point bonus and the 10 point craziness bonus and don’t forget the 5 pt GOAT award. That brings you to a grand total of 81 points. :slight_smile:

(Please bear note that this entire post was sarcastic. Do not take anything I wrote here seriously)

I assume the cones would only count as stacked once, since there is only one stack. The mobile goal seems to be useless as far as scoring.

Or is it that the stationary goal is useless as far as scoring o_O

8 cones are on the mobile goal (16 points) and 8 cones are on the stationary goal (16 points) and

97 points!!!

I would like to see that done by a robot…


I gotchu :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that’s a lot of points.

I would like to see it done even though I’m pretty sure it’s only sixteen. However they might count it as a stack on stationary so yo might get highest stack. However it’s only theoretical. It could also be docked from the score because it’s isn’t cones on it, therefore making it 0 points.

Also how long did it take you to get it to balance? Just curious.

It wouldn’t be 0 points, the cones are stacked on the mobile goal which is worth two points each.

he meant 0 for the stationary score, not total @Easton

Ok makes sense @robotguy

Please say how long it took to balance? I’m very curious

After seeing this thread, I tried it for myself. It only took about 1 minute to balance, the mobile goal sits surprisingly well on the stationary goal.

Just the mogo or with the cones.

Just mogo, I’ll try it today after school using cones as well.

Yeah just the mogo is easy try to get the cones 2 still isn’t bad but after that it get’s rough.