Extruded Material

Could any vex oficial verify if this type of extruded aluminium is considered raw material, being that the only process of creation is extrusion.

If you’re asking for VRC (HS/MS), then this material is not legal, as it is not sold on the vex webiste.

If you’re asking for VEX-U competition, the the current readiing of VUR4(a) would appear to allow that T-slot material. This is a change from VUR3 of last season’s game manual, where extrusions other than VEXPro extursions were excluded via the “red box” note.

If you are VEX-U, this one would be worth an official Q&A, since it represents a pretty major unannounced change from previous game manuals (and I’d like to know myself, because I can supply my U-team with tons of 80/20 scraps).


How can i do an official Q&A?

For VexU - university / college level robotics - the official Q & A is here : Robot Events


We’ll, GDC has answered: <VUR4>T-Slot Aluminum : Robot Events

they asked for a specific example, so I gave them one in a new Q&A, just to be sure, since they were pretty adamant about T-slot being excluded in years past. Follow up to <VUR4> T-Slot Aluminum Question : Robot Events