"Eye" for Vex

It would be nice if vex can make a “eye” from a camera that communicates with the controller and make it do preprogrammed things.
This would open hundreds of doors for vex, metaphorically speaking!

ya that would be awsome.

After thinking about what you would have to do to achieve this, is does seem hard, and confusing.:confused: But all the more reason to achieve it!:slight_smile:

well, i am trying to use the CMU cam to help my robots see, if that counts as an eye.

If every part that every one wanted was made then it would just be another robot. All sorts of robots have unlimited possibilities. They have cameras and “eyes” and stuff but Vex is about working with what you have not what you want. If I always had the parts I needed I would not have to be creative and think for myself. Think about this.:rolleyes:

i aggree with tmaxxguy

If anyone knows of an easy way to code a VEX robot using a web cam it would be greatly appreciated. Such as if someone walks into view the robot turns to face them.

I think your right.:o

That is true but it still would be useful. there isnt anything likie that except the ultrasonic & that is quite the same.

I wouldn’t say it would be useful for vex to make a camera, as the microcontroller would be able to process the data very well, and it would be expensive. A more practical approach would be to attach a webcam to a laptop (Which would process the data), and use a serial cable from the laptop to the microcontroller to move motors and get sensor data. There are many threads about the latter part. I would start with https://vexforum.com/t/serial-interface-on-line-code/12753/1 .

You know, you can make a motion detector using a frensel (sp) lens, some CDs, and a stable light source. I don’t know about output, but I think that if you could just have the device emit a simple on or off “beep” you could conceivably program it, though I’d have to do more research.
Discovercircuits.com is a good place to start I would think.