EZ Template Question

I am switching from V5 Pro to EZ template on PROS and need some help with my drivercode.
In V5 Pro you have;
if (Controller1.ButtonR2.pressing()) {
and also
I wanted to know what the equivalents of these are in PROS.
I have checked different libraries but they focus on motor control rather than how to use the controller. Thanks in advance!

If you have a question regarding PROS, you should read the PROS documentation and API, which contain numerous examples on how to use various PROS functions.
The controller is located under Miscellaneous.
Let us know if you need further assistance.


Oh thanks, that helps.
But I am still unsure of how to do if button pressED as a pose to if button pressing.
if (master.get_digital(E_CONTROLLER_DIGITAL_A)) {
example_motor = 127;
is a button being held (eg a flywheel) and id like to do if a button was pressed (eg piston indexer)

There is no equivalent to .pressed in PROS. The closest thing is get_digital_new_press. View the example to see how it should be used.

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