EzyScout for VEX Turning Point

Hey everyone,
I’ve been working on my scouting spreadsheet and it now has 3 features:
-Consistency Index
-Domination Index
-Auton + Park

An advanced version will be published soon.
Youtube Video:
Promotional Video
Please give me feedback on what I should add, thanks.

Ideally, scouting teams for alliances, I would probably want break down of the scoring hi/lo flags, hi/lo caps, and hi/lo park (center/alliance) of each robot at each match. Then I could create a compatibility matrix to find partner. Scoring on TM allows it by alliance, but not robot and teams do not have access to the raw scoring data - maybe that should change.

man I commend you for going out and buying a domain for what your doing


Cell B-40 seems to be broken, maybe fix?

of caps / balls successfully scored

perhaps a comments box for details, fouls, flaws, description of autonomous

Mind my lack of knowledge of the spreadsheet, but what was domination meant to represent?