Fabrication of STEEL and Aluminum parts

Hi! im wondering if someone knows if there is any specification of the dimensions in the fabrication of my own steel and aluminum parts, I couldn’t find any in the rules

You are not allowed to fabricate any parts. You must use the parts as purchased from VEX. You may not cut, drill, bend or chemical alter parts.

You are in the VEX IQ section and that pertains to VEXIQ parts.

But you are new, you should have posted this question in the VEX EDR forum.

You’ll then get the answer that you can do anything you want to VEX Metal parts, like cutting and drilling. You may not weld or chemically alter them. The only real OEM parts you can use are nuts, bolts, zipties and lexan.

Final robot size has to be 18 x 18 x18.

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THANKYOU! i’ll try in a diferrent section, im in VEXU (: