Faded V5 Screen with streaks?

Noticed something strange with one of my team’s V5 the other day. When starting, their screen looks like this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-uqGgkq8vt5szAnYVAknF00kBcJ5VDd1N5upAoGUK5OVBd9XfRLPer7G5ShhZxMZPaKomsf0N384V-NVFvyPoiv9n713VtVRbbi3-w6ijHV2I40T-JfLHaldhn1ZyXLXNEdDDCWsJvyWeBDL0NO1JrcRbQPmiCJqJjvcRalc5Yxb2l12TcL71VfcANEI8kTEEM512t31OEBL2YyY4KBbfQ3Z25Fc8qX6s_SCNuiXt8-e2Lzpe0VPEP6ua4gjmYlOyVqnIsesj0vMLqnFPYDF0t7g7EKoXX27kDUTisP2MyqDSOsUv6891F0b1Sf2E2mkKfU_cVf_YN6VQ-ZyA62QgVlpVDp2EROhE7pZ15O7fiz9uvz26zYP5-ZrSEgqNItrn1z9KzNbZ2DChw0-xqNyVw7oqAmvn1kh7191CPwapRPIHHXexweGI5kB97x5szq4peu07kbeI1O9LXaDBgQY3gvBci4VciTqTDDyHA7crDGtTDLNENmEarBsE7gq27k5LRcI6v9etTflVNWfB0xGiAc9Jb5wV44MvVqvMdy0whDfudWBD08gBw4vKA-oMMs-d3ypx1lUk_EtUTIjfBidDnPaNIB-50Y0uEL0_PAVB4jKISB-_4CXfZoH2X3NyEkd-8k-f3lJnzW8uAHJEc6txLLW=w727-h969-no

Also when selecting their programs, it doesn’t respond to any input from the controller.

I heard that if you knock on aluminum before you turn your robot brain on you won’t have any issues with it.

Unless this is official I won’t suggest doing this, plus you may damage other components while doing such. Do you continue to have streaks after you go in settings and resetting the brain to factory defaults? Did you make sure your brain was updated to the latest version, as well as the V5 brain battery updated to the latest version too?

The battery and brain were on the most recent firmware. I even forced updated it.

Resetting to the factory defaults did not change any behavior.

In this case the screen problem is probably a hardware error. I think it would be best to contact support@vexrobotics.com as soon as you can by following the instructions on the website: https://www.vexrobotics.com/contact-us/order-faq

Also, this problem may potentially be a static issue. In the future, make sure you use the static spray reccomended by VEX. You can find information on multiple threads, one being here:

This is why i didn’t order V5