Failed to create empty document

Ok, so I just downloaded RobotC 1.70 Beta and I ran into a slight problem. (I uninstalled all previous versions of RobotC before installing the new one, and restarted my computer). When I try to start up RobotC (as an Administrator) I get an error which says only “Failed to create empty document” and the program crashes. I am running Windows 7 RC so that might have something to do with it, but v1.40 installed and ran fine, I could program bots etc. I just need a solution to the problem before we start major programming.

We’re working on fixing this ASAP. 1.70.1 should be posted shortly.

ROBOTC for IFI 1.70.1 has been released.

This version solves the issue of being unable to open ROBOTC in VISTA or Windows7 due to a “Unable to Create Empty Document” error.

Download from here:

Thank you, its fine now :smiley: