"Failed to create user project"

When trying to compile my code, I keep getting this issue, and nothing I do fixes it.

What is the issue and what do I do to fix it?

This is on a chromebook, and the same thing happens to another programmer in our org also on a chromebook. It also doesn’t work with any projects whatsoever.

Did you install from chrome web store ?

Have you tried the web verison.
codev5.vex.com ?

Is this perhaps a school chromebook that is locked down in some way ?


It has worked perfectly in the past. Only today did it start acting up. It gets the same error on the web version.
And yes I installed it off of the web store.

The same thing is happening to me. I’m also coding on a Chromebook but with blocks.

Our code is doing the exact same thing… Did you find a solution? We have downloaded the extension and it is still doing the same thing.

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We also tried codev5.vex.com.

The team will look into this when they get back into the office tomorrow.


Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems that a folder was deleted at some point that should not have been. This has been fixed and the compiler server is back up and running.


Thank you so much! :v:

We are running into the same error today. I see that it was marked as fixed. Is this reoccurrence of the same issue?

Everything seems to be working correctly right now. If you are having issues, can you please submit feedback in VEXcode with the diagnostic data so that I can take a look to see what is happening?


We are at a competition and getting the same error. Please advice.

Sorry about all the server issues. I neglected to post an update at the time due to working to keep the servers from failing to build projects while also working to actually fix the issue.

There was an issue Saturday morning with the server storage getting filled up due to folders not getting deleted fast enough. This was an early design decision to allow us to pull failed builds from the server. We have not needed to do that for well over a year and the storage issue has become a large, so we now delete the temp files right after the build is done. This will prevent the storage from getting full and blocking builds.

If you or anyone else has any issues, I would recommend checking the status server. If this system shows that a server is down, we know that the server is down. If the server does not show as down and you are having issues, the best thing to do is to submit feedback in VEXcode with the diagnostic data. This will let us know that you are having issues and see what is happening in VEXcode.

We are aware of all the issues with the cloud compilers over the past week and we are investigating how we can improve the reliability.