Fake swerve drive with mec wheels?

would it be possible to create a fake swerve drive with mech wheels, basically using strafing and spinning to create movements similar to a swerve drive?

im not sure we are thinking on the same page, you are wanting a swerve drive, but have them on mechanum wheels?

If your looking for anything that can rival the maneuverability of a swerve drive I’d suggest an x drive. Although it is possible with mecanum wheels it won’t work quite as well.

X drives, Mecanums, H drives, kiwi drives, and swerve drives are all holonomic drives, meaning that they can move side to side in any direction as well as turn. So to answer your question, a mecanum drive already does behave almost exactly like a swerve drive. There are no maneuvers you can do on one but not the other.