Fall signature events

Are there any fall signature events? WPI and kalahari* classic are both in the FRC season.

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This is great! Sounds like an instant meme!

Please, please, please, don’t edit it away! :pray:


My bad. Do you have any in mind?

The application process has just started for next year’s Signature Events - so it’s anyone’s guess when they’ll be.


I’m hoping we’ll see some more outside of the US for more international play. But, seeing as there are so many teams here in the States, I’m sure we’ll see a couple more here as well.

There were 8 Signature Events last year. Five in the US and three outside the US (China, Mexico, Columbia). Just an observation since I have no idea the distribution of teams throughout the world. However, in order to have a Signature Event in a particular location requires an EP to step up and apply.

I’m hoping for one in Bermuda!

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An outdoor, flip flop, beachy Signature Event. Sign me up! However, for everyone’s benefit, I’ll leave the bikini at home!


I was unaware there were so few signature events.

Here the list from last year: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2018/10/rec-foundation-signature-events-2018-19.pdf

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Thanks! Pan Pacific is being held in Honolulu next year, right?