Fallen cones

Does anyone have an idea for picking up and scoring a cone that has fallen?

You grab it, then you rotate it. :slight_smile:

the only problem i can see with that is they use that intake for everything else already, for this game you’d probably need to design a new intake around that, plus the shapes are completely different

@9065_parker yeah the manipulator itself does need to be redesigned, but the idea of a pneumatic or otherwise linearly actuated claw with a plate to put cones into the right orientation might work out well. Also, that part of the intake is separate from the fuel intake. It’s only for the gears

let me draw up a sketch for what im thinking (kinda)
drawing 1=after 2=before pneumatically actuated
Drawing (1).png
Drawing (2).png

@9065_parker Fair enough

Most generic claws from Starstruck should be able to grasp the cones to a certain extent, but the wall may need to be used to right them early in the year.

@SenorPastrana jpg please. Instagram is not a platform open to everyone.


Maybe that helps

ahhh… makes sense. May I ask how you bent the aluminium to get that gentle curve on the claw?

We found falling on the robot is an easy way to bend aluminum. Or just use your leg, it seems to bend pretty easy.

IDEA EVERYONE https://vexforum.com/t/idea-for-an-intake-that-automatically-uprights-cones/41562/1

@creatorthomas yep pretty bendy…

joke aside tho. I’ve never bent a c-channet without first warping the flanges. 136s seems to have flanges that are perfectly intact, despite the claw bending in a direction which would pull the flanges apart. Also theirs is more of a gradual curvature, rather than a single point bend.

If you have a form of vertical claw that can grab through the cone’s hole, then you can lift the cone so it is upright again.

@Kent~929U Might make it annoying to place though

Howdy, this is Trent, captain of 136s for the previous year. I bent those c channels with my thigh. I tried bending them the other way but the lip of the metal would cave in and be very difficult. So just messing around I took one and bent it the other way. It did hurt my hand a little bit btw.

I am thinking of using a wheel intake that is six inches wide so that when I suck in the cone vertically it will come in sideways, but I will move backwards and see if the cone stands right up. Also is anybody thinking of using a pneumatic stop for the game?

what do you mean pneumatic stop? like brakes? if thats what you mean then maybe, but i dont see defense as a huge thing this year, as it will mostly be tall stacks of cones swaying around and (almost) falling