Fallen over Mobile being scored

If a mobile goal has fallen over in the in a scoring zone (all the way fallen over). Does it count?

explain or add pictures please?

The goal still counts for points, but any cones on it do not count if it’s not upright.

If a mobile goal is touching a zone, no matter its orientation, it is scored in that zone.

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There is a conflict between the rules and training videos. So… there needs to be an official clarification. Ask in the official rules forum about the conflict.

I didn’t think it would come to this, but Link.
The training videos only ever talk about cones on a goal, it never mentions a word about the goal not being scored.

Ok I got that, but most of the referees will watch that video and not go to the forums like most of us do. The wording in the video can cause a problem. I just showed it to a person who runs IQ tournaments. They then looked at the rules and said the same thing. Yes it meets the rules, but the video says something else. The cones being stack is inferred. It is just worded really strange at that point.

We had this exact problem at the first competition this year. Luckily the head referee found the linked Q&A, and if the teams have trouble they can reference the Q&A.

Our first is coming up this week. Our second tournament is one of our own and the head ref is one that is a stickler for wording of things. I could see him making this an issue. Before I watched the video I would have said yes according to the rules. But I was watching them about the same time the questions was asked by DiamondDude. I watched the video and the wording hit me. Just depends on the ref. I do agree the rules would put it as scored, but I want the clarification in my pocket before the ref I know gets it wrong and causes a conflict.

This has already been asked and answered in the Q&A, after the training video was published.

Answered: Tipped mobile goal in zones

VEX GDC Sep 22 Administrator ANSWER Greenville, TX
Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored:

Scored – A Mobile Goal is Scored in a Goal Zone if it meets all of the following criteria:

  1. The Mobile Goal is touching the Goal Zone
    a. If a Mobile Goal is touching multiple Goal Zones it is Scored in the higher point value Goal Zone

  2. The Mobile Goal is not touching a Robot of the same color Alliance.

  3. The Mobile Goal and the Goal Zone belong to the same Alliance.

Note 1: Only one Mobile Goal can be Scored in each 20 Point Zone.
Note 2: If multiple Mobile Goals are in a scored position in a 20 Point Zone, the Mobile Goal with the most Cones Stacked will be the one that is Scored.
Note 3: If a Mobile Goal is not touching a Zone, but is entirely Supported by other Scoring Objects it counts as being Scored in the highest value Scoring Zone of the Supporting Scoring Objects.

Orientation of the Mobile Goal is not referenced in this definition. So, if the Mobile Goal satisfies all criteria for a “Scored” Goal, then yes, it would be considered Scored.