Falling over is illegal??

Clearly the intention of this rule is to limit the effectiveness and popularity of wall bots that span the whole field.

However say I build a robot that extends 6ft tall does not expand in either of the other directions (18" x 18"). Then for what ever reason my robot falls over (be it bad driving, picking up to much, interaction with opponents etc.). My height robot becomes 18" tall and 6 ft long. Am I disqualified now?

I would think not, but then whats to prevent a robot from extending 12ft in the air and then falling over to cut off half the field. Then the whole (percieved) intention of the rule is registered void. I’m sure the wording will change as they release revisions. I’m just curious how you guys interpreted this.

This is all about situation. If it is incidental and doesn’t gain your alliance an advantage, you’ll be given a warning but nothing else. If it is intentional in order to gain an advantage or ends up affecting the match in your favor, you will probably be disqualified.

My take is that the intent of the rule is to prevent the usage of wallbots, and as such accidental tipping won’t be penalized. If, however, a team were to intentionally tip over their robot for use as a pseudo-wallbot (a la Gateway world finals), this would almost certainly violate <SG14>. This seems to fall into the category of rules that must be interpreted situationally and with the intent of the involved teams in mind.

I feel as though if you do not violate <SG4> or <SG5> and it doesn’t change the outcome of the match then it should be fine.

That is assuming you can prove you did not purposely fall over, or if it was caused by the opposing alliance running into you, which I feel like should not be your fault.

Based on how rulings were made in past games, effect is more important than intent. That is, if you expand beyond the size limits by falling over (yes, that’s been covered in other games, and @Karthik ruled) then you are in violation of the sizing rule. If it doesn’t affect the game, you might get warned or you might not. If it does affect the other alliance negatively, then you will at least be warned and you might be DQed. In that case, it doesn’t matter whether you meant to do it or not, you are responsible for your robot at all times.

However, intent matters as well. Here’s a scenario: At a tournament you fall over in your first match and it has no negative affect on the opposing alliance. Ref says nothing. Match 2, you fall over, no negative effect. Ref says “you need to be mindful of that” and marks you as a repeat offender. Match 3, you fall over, no negative effect: DQ. That scenario is in line with past interpretation of rules in past games. It’s what I expect we’ll see here.