Famous teams

Hi vex community, this thread is for the discussion for the following question, which do you think are the most famous and respected teams in vex (worldwide)?
my list:
Oats Robotics
Green Egg Robotics

I will post a poll with some teams I think are the most famous so you can vote on it or post any team.

LOL someone forgot lynfield
2915 is first and only team to win worlds twice in a row

A big mistake, I apologize for it, do you know how to add it?

21 (2009 & 2014 World Champs) (2010 World Finalist) (So Cal Powerhouse)
404 (2009 WC, 2011 Division Finalist, 2012 Division Champs, 2014 Division Champs)

Also, Lets not forget
team 254 the cheesy poofs
team 2921 free range robotics

Also don’t forget 1103.

This depends on how you define winning worlds. 1103 took 2 consecutive world champion titles in programming skills and also took a robot skills title in the second year. Their video is also one of the most famous.

Jack, formerly from 2915A and OYES, and now on AURA, is the single most successful VRC competitor, earning 5 total world champion titles (2 in high school and 3 as a part of OYES in VEXU).

12A and 12B for their epic 2013 reveal and double win at US Nationals the same year.

Just some numbers I came up with:

The only team with 4 world titles is team 44.

There are 5 teams with 3 world titles:

The only team with a 3-year world title streak is team 44.

There are 4 teams with 2-year world title streaks:

The only organization with 5 wins is the Singapore Combined Schools, which includes team 8065 and team 8066.

There are 2 organizations with 4 wins:
Green Egg Robotics (44)
Shanghai Huangpu Teenagers S&T Activity Center (8192)

There are 7 organizations with 3 wins:
Highlands Intermediate School (394)
Currahee (1103)
Simbotics (1114)
Lynfield College Robotics (2915)
π-lons (5225)
Massey University (AMES and MESS)
OYES Robotics (OYES)

However, performance does not necessarily mean “popularity.”

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Green egg all the way!

After seeing green egg’s innovation, whenever I build a robot, I ask myself, how much chance do I have against green egg? It is indeed a team that has influenced me the most. I have been on the forum for a while and know most active members. But still, green egg is the innovation that actually works. That is not easy in VRC. I try to catch up with not only green egg but any excellent teams i see. It is hard, but we are coming.

In toss up I was personally disappointed when I saw green egg. Not saying that their robot is not superb-- lift- drive transmission is still cutting edge technology in VRC right now. That autonomous bonus guaranteed lift is still cool. But rather its design concept, a competition machine rather than a strategetic game cracker like a lot of their world robots.

I do expect to see green egg blow my mind again in skyrise! In toss up I knew what couldn’t be done, but in skyrise we don’t yet know what can be done.

Toss up was the last year for green egg robotics, because all of its members have graduated from high school. They were also my favorite team :frowning:

Am I the only one that thinks it’s wierd to give celebrity status to successful teams?

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Graduating from high school isn’t the end…

I do find it odd that people are 1) only measuring success in terms of trophies and world titles, & 2) assuming that success and trophies equals how famous a team is and the respect the team has earned… (Which are two very different things)

I have to agree with this. What about teams that are highly involved with other teams? Honestly as far as who is the most ‘famous’, previous inspire award winners probably are a better measure than worlds tournament winners.

I off the top of my head can’t name a single inspire award winner. I can name quite a few world winners of the top of my head. I wouldn’t say every worlds winner is instantly famous but the amount of over lap between the world’s winners and the respected teams.

Also, remember that “famous” is not directly equal to respect, either. To be famous only means to be known or recognized by very many people. Typically there is one team on each World Champion alliance that is remembered. Examples:

44 in Elevation
2921A in Clean Sweep (Also 254A was a powerhouse all season, winning something close to 25 World Championship qualification spots. And 44 had a notable robot, and won Robot Skills.)
44 in Round Up (Also 1103 for an incredible robot.)
2W in Gateway
2915A in Sack Attack
21 in Toss Up

There are also many remembered teams that didn’t win, however. For example 1107B in Gateway, their robot wasn’t very successful in gameplay but it had such a huge wow factor that people still considered it to be elite.

FWIW, Jack may be the most high profile member of 2915, but there have been and still are other very successful drivers too (plus coaches and team members).

Like Steve :). And a few others :wink:

As most of you said, being famous isn´t fully related with the performance of a team, but the respect is , and when I mean respect the best way to describe it is when you have a match against one of those teams and instead you think “I won´t win it”, or “It will be hard to win”, and for me this occur when I have match agains GreenEgg or Discobots, or even Oats, and also with all those teams that are mentioned on this thread, and also when Im working on my robot I always think how my robot can beat any of these teams, or how can it be more effective.
I would like to know how do you think a team can achive to be respected in vex comunity?

Teams can earn respect by being active. Having a great robot is definitely going to get you respected, but being helpful in the robotics community will get you farther. Look at Jpearman: I don’t think “hey look! they build great robots” when I think of Jpearman or the 8888 club, I think of the amount of dedicated help that Jpearman has put forth to the community. That isn’t to say that 8888 doesn’t build great robots, but the “street cred” they’ve gained is from helping the community. Obviously, there are more active community members than Jpearman, but Mr. Pearman, I think, is a perfect example.

As in both avenues of gaining respect, where you have a good robot or help the community will determine how far reaching that respect goes. If you have a great robot, but really only compete locally, you can’t really expect everyone in the world to know you.

I am not quite sure if that is true :wink: