Fancy Tank Treads or Nah

So I’m building my teams collection system and I showed the guys today the intake (shown below).
My programmer things I should change the flat grey pieces (the ones without the flaps) and use green tank treads instead. He wants to do this because he thinks we’ll have too much traction and it could pull the cubes out the top. I don’t believe that’s going to happen. What do you guys suggest?


I don’t see how too much traction would be a problem unless your intake still hits the cubes after tilting


I would attach it to whatever you are putting it on because depending on the incline it could need that much or less traction. Than after it is attached you can test it to see if that is a good amount.
Edit: also, since your just working with flaps now, not changing the design of the intake, attaching it and then adjusting the amount of flaps wouldn’t be any harder than changing the amount of flaps while it isn’t attached to anything.

Unrelated but...

The line of the table bends in with the background of the forum so I thought you also uploaded a separate pic of your shoe :joy:


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More traction is always better. If you dont want cubes to fall put, just put a stopper at the end