[FAQ] Plastic Usage

Q: According to <R7e> we are now allowed to use plastic as cut from a single sheet of 12"x24" polycarbonate, up to 1/16" thick.

May we melt and mold the polycarbonate into a different shape?
May we chemically treat the polycarbonate?

No, this would be considered a violation of <R15b>:

Thus, the molding of polycarbonate will not be permitted in VEX Round Up.

No. Any sort of chemical treatment would involve the use of non-VEX parts, thus would be illegal under <R5>.

To summarize, polycarbonate can be mechanically altered by cutting, drilling or bending etc., but it cannot be chemically treated, melted or molded. Teams may heat the polycarbonate to aid in bending (however, better bends can be achieved using a brake.)