Far Zone Claws?

Our team has been doing a lot, and I mean A LOT, of research on the claws that we are hearing of here on forums. So i have a question.

How are people scoring far zone with a claw that is forward facing? (Not a backwards dumper bot)

Please and thank you

I’ve saw a team that had a piston that would push out the stars into the far zone when the claw opened. It was timed with the opening of the claw. The claw used a total of three pistons (two for the claw and one for the pusher)

I’ve seen some teams with a mini ‘catapult’ on the end of their arm that throws the stars into the far zone.

How long does the air last?

Not very long. Only about two thirds of a round

You don’t need this any sort of catapult-claw. We have a 1:5 high speed (1:3.125 compound) lift and some code to automatically open the claw when the lift gets to the right position and we usually score far zone.

Rubber Bands my friend Rubber Bands

At one point I had an auto releasing claw that scored far zone most of the time, but I found that just a bit of driving practice was much more reliable because different groups of objects should be released at different positions. Especially if you need to throw a cube over a stalled alliance partner last second (Which happens a surprising amount).

I can still do it manually if I want to.