Farewell, from 7110A

It’s been an amazing year of Vex for all of us over on 7110, and I’m sure it was a great year for many others too. Unfortunately, all six members of our team are seniors, and will not be participating in VexU. I know that all of us on 7110A will relate vex to our time in highschool, and will carry these experiences throughout our lives. Being a part of not only a great team but a great community has been amazing, and all though some of my teammates might disagree with the term “great community”, we all know that the community is where the passion to succeed is born. More importantly, it is where the memes are forged from the fiery flames of our hearts. This past year has been vex all day every day for us, and we have none other to thank than all of you, for giving us the drive and passion to be prominent in our last year of robotics.

I’d to also thank the teams and members of, in no particular order:
365X, for being all around pretty chill and also scrimming with us
9932, for letting us play both matches at worlds even though we weren’t the alliance captain.
60X, for the memes and for putting kernel in his place
6834Z, for informing us that your 50 in programming skills was indeed time based
25461, for also scrimming with us and dropping by our booth to say hi. special shoutout to MC Brown for being the best commentator in north texas
136S, for picking us instead of trojan at your comp. sorry we let you guys down, but it was still fun.
All of the discord members that put up with our stupid memes
and thank you to 9090, 26, 60, 365, 360, 2019, 6834, 136, 1082, and 4148 for keeping NorTex fun and competitive. I’m sure I missed some teams in there, but all of us on 7110A would like to say thank you to everyone for this opportunity.

Good luck to the next 7110A to fill our shoes, and to all of our friends we have made this year, and may the spirit of the pushbot be with you.
~Jack (that short kid with the poofy hair)

This forum account will be transferred to the next 7110A as of 8/30/2017

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It was awesome to meet you guys this year and hope you all move on to bigger and better things! Good luck with whatever you guys do from now on!

Good luck to you all. Thanks for making things fun. North Texas is losing some good people this year. We certainly did appreciate the tough competition and for being great to be around. You will be missed.
We too are going through some major changes this season. Happy to announce that 360 will be joining us this year with some new team members from Richardson High School. Take care.

It was great competing with you all year. We can only hope that the next 7110A will be as good. I am sure that we are all sad to see you go. I can also hope that there will be the same Fired Up spirit present at all the future competitions.

Good luck to all of your team members in your future careers.

It was a great season, and it was great playing with all of y’all! I hope to see you at worlds next year when I’m in VEXU!


Sorry to see you guys go; it was a great season and we wish you the best of luck in college and your future

also sorry for the fiasco at state lol

It’s been an honor competing with you guys. Its sad to see such a great team go.

2019F wishes you the best

Ayyy Good luck dude… dont worry we shall keep ntx competitive :slight_smile: