Farewell, VEX

I never got a chance to properly say goodbye. The weeks after the World Championship were just so crazy busy, with finals and all. Now that I have graduated High School, I think it’s time to move on. I’ve been a part of VRC ever since Round Up, and this program has given me so much over the years. I’m so thankful for all of the great things I’ve learned, the amazing people I’ve interacted with, and some of the best friendships I’ve ever had that might not have happened without this program.

I now find myself going off to college, and facing a lot of new experiences, but I will never forget the time I’ve spent as part of VEX. I hope that one day I will return to the VEX Robotics Competition, as a mentor for a VEX team. I hope to give to students what my mentors have done for my fellow teammates and I.

And so I bid you farewell, VEX Forum. It was an amazing 5 years. Thank you to everyone who made them possible. Thank you to all of the teams we’ve competed with and against. Thank you to all of my amazing teammates, mentors, and friends.

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It seems wrong to let this go without any replies. Your forum posts and robots have always been new and interesting to see, and I wish you success in your college endeavors.

This sort of drives home the reality of things as I go into my last year of high school.

Best of luck in whatever you may encounter in college and the rest of your life! Do return to VEX.

Oh come on Kyle… you can drop by from time to time and answer some basic questions and help some beginners like what I’m doing now… Or just do some cool but useless stuff about VEX and post it here and amuse everybody a little bit, like what I’m doing now…

But, well, it is kind of a goodbye to VRC, but VEX is more than just a competition. It’s a community. Yeah, we all move on. I know I’m gonna play robocup SLS rather than VEXU in college, and similarly you’re gonna do cooler things than VRC. But you’re still part of us. And you’re always welcome to come back here and visit. You know, make some posts, and old guys will know you and be like, oh, that’s the captain of the team with controller add on mechanism in Skyrise worlds. Cool, you know.

I had a great season with you and your team. And I wish you the best of luck in the future. So long, man.


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