Fast Battery Charging

Someone tried to charge this battery on FAST. Not a good idea.
Charger on FAST.jpg

well I don’t think that’s useable anymore.

I know one year at our school somebody blew up a remote

You really shouldn’t ever put batteries on the FAST setting unless you’re at competition and even then…

I always charge my 3000mAh on fast. Now, the 2000mAh is a different story.

Ha. The only time we ever use “Safe” is charging batteries overnight. The fast setting is our default. Never had this (or any) problem with our 10+ batteries.

when those chargers first came out:
“hey guys!”
“‘fast’ or ‘safe’… hmmmm…”

I’ve heard of teams whose batteries have reportedly exploded from being left on Fast Charge. just some food for thought

the thing is though, fast is the proper setting for charging the 3000mah batteries. For the 2000mah batteries you have to charge on safe. In the world of RC battery chargers can be adjusted for the speed of charging (amp hours) for the type of battery, In vex, its two settings. Fast for the 3000mah and safe for the 2000mah. I always charge on fast with the 3000mah batters.