Fast but Accurate

How would I be able to make a rapid fire shooter but be very accurate? My team has an accurate shooter but kind of slow.

So what type of shooter do you have right now, what is the accuracy and fire rate?

Are you using velocity control, we are using a TBH algorithm which greatly helps us in quickly regaining speed. Also, you can try to add more mass the flywheel. If you add more mass than the flywheel doesn’t slow down as much when feeding a ball through. However, you should be careful if you add more mass to the flywheel because if you add too much than the motors won’t be able to bring it back up to speed like they should (speaking from experience). You will need to find whatever works best for you though, because we don’t live in a perfect world where all flywheels are frictionless and have a 15 bps fire rate. :slight_smile:

We have actually found that reducing mass is more effective. Granted, that was moving from 3 5" wheels to 2 (single flywheel), so that’s still pretty heavy, and we probably just found the point at which mass starts to be bad. Our 4 motors have no trouble pulling them at a 28:1 (35:3 w/ turbo) gear ratio, but it’s pretty slow. We rebuilt it with 2 wheels, and noticed significant improvement. It’s still pretty accurate, but we need to finish tuning compression.
If you reduce friction, your flywheel will accelerate faster, but you want to avoid overshoot then. Also, finding a good gear ratio is important. We use 28:1, but at some point I want to try a 25:1 and see what it does for us.
If you have an elastic launcher, you can increase your gear ratio. This requires more power if your motors already struggle, but if you don’t have any gear ratio, or a low one, and enough motors, you will notice a higher fire rate.

Linear puncher is fast and accurate, though a little hard to tune.

Yeah thanks, but we didn’t make it to world so I guess it doesn’t matter…

We have a 25:1 gear ratio (regular motors) and we can barely make it into the high goal from spawn with 5" wheels so I would suggest a higher gear ratio so you don’t have to worry about having to shoot driver loads to begin with to let you have enough battery but your flywheel will probably have less friction so you might be able to make it work.