Fast dying battery

We have a battery that dies (single blinking red light) whenever it gets to about 83%. It will be fully charged, but after less than 10 minutes of driving it dies and goes into the blinking mode. I have run the battery medic and the attached are the screen shots when fully charged and right after dying.
Any ideas?
20190225_153358 20190225_154417

Cell 2 is not holding charge, that battery is toast, how old is it ?

We just got them in January

Only been used in class so far, never in a competition.

4x 18650s? Shouldn’t those last 3 years and up to 500 full cycles?

Our batteries lasted 8 cycles before needing to be RMAed. That number isn’t right at all.

That’s my point. If those are 18-650’s they should last 3-5 years and over 500 full charge cycles from 4.2v down to 3.6v. Even more if handled well and not fully discharged.

So, what can be done? We have our National tournament this weekend…

This battery has a cell that’s either bad or has a very different state of charge as compared to the other three. We have some cell balancing internally but that can only handle small differences.

I suppose you live with it for the competition if no one else there can loan you a battery then you contact support and RMA that battery.