Faster Puncher Idea

So my team has a puncher that is really strong. Like strong enough to hit the top flag from the opposite corner of the field. The problem is it is slow. It takes 1-2 seconds to fire. We only use a single motor to power it but it is geared from a 12T to a 36T for more power but that’s where we lose speed. Would two motors be able to handle that much? We are still on the cortex system btw.

Wow, I’m impressed that you have such a powerful puncher on only 1 cortex motor!

I’d recommend that if nothing else you code a button that pulls the puncher back to firing position each time, if you don’t already have that. We do this on a 2 motor puncher & it works well (in conjunction with a ratchet); by the time another shot is lined up the puncher is ready to go and just needs a button press to fire & reset.

We have a shaft encoder that measures its rotation and only runs the motor until it gets to that point so it helps. I guess my real question is how can we speed up the draw time? Does a second motor give it enough power to take around say a second or so?

Putting a second motor on it could possibly add enough power so that maybe you could run high speed motors and speed the whole thing up.

We previously had a similar system as yours with a 3:1 ratio. Since then we have switched to a 2m torque direct puncher and the shot time is 0.8 sec on average. We could go faster but would lose power and shot distance unless we add a 3rd motor. To answer your question, change to a 2m torque direct and make sure the rubber bands are perfectly parallel with the stroke of the puncher that way all the energy is transferred into the ball.

Thanks a ton. That was our plan but we were questioning whether or not it was going to be enough.