Faster way to constrain screws in Autodesk Inventor

Is there any faster way to constrain screws to metal without having to go one by one (which is absolutely painstaking!). I need to do this for the inventor competition, so putting in only 3 screws is not going to cut it. Please help I use inventor 2012… so any help would be awesome

The only other way, but i rarely use, is the insert constraint. you cant really go faster though as far as i know.

Is there a right click and “repeat” option? I’m not a pro with inventor but in Pro/E or Creo they have that option in assembly. It makes constraining hundreds of screws real easy. If not then perhaps a search “repeat” might yield better results in help.

i heard that S^3’s part library has center points on the holes in the metal? Not sure but i will check it out soon to see. Having center points allows you to just line the screw up once (in the center), unlike 2 times where you have no center point.

They do have center points and that is how i do it… but when i have to do about 30 or so screws it gets annoying… I mean there might not be an answer… if so fine I will just sit and put each screw in… I just thought that with all of these super cad"ders" there would be one with some sort of trick

I just use tangents its fairly simple for me to use you can try it yourself if you like. Magic number for offset is .009


It really depends on where the screw is going. If just connecting two pieces of structure then I use a work axis in the center of the square hole. Four constraints are then needed, two for the screw and two for the nut. For each, one constraint is used to constrain to the axis, the other to the surface the screw or nut will be placed on.

If you are using a bearing block then you could create a sub assembly, bearing block, two screws, two nuts. The sub assembly can then be positioned and constrained to the part.

Having said that, the bottom line is that it’s just slow and tedious.

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