Fastest Competition Robots?

Anyone have any videos of some of the fastest drive configurations and competition robots they’ve seen?

This may be helpful more for this game in particular.

Is it usually a good idea to have your wheels be closer together when trying to make really fast robots? Seems like that’s the trend with the robots above. Does this allow for quicker turning/drifting?

I think part of it is trying to make your robot as light as possible, the shorter chassis do take off some weight and im pretty sure thats why the discobots did that in NBN

In this game though, making a shorter chassis would just increase the chances of tipping. I see it more beneficial to have a full sized chassis despite the extra weight. Just throwing that out there.

Tipping shouldn’t be a huge problem with the light game peices (lighter lifts, lower center of mass) the only place i see you tipping is the poles/bumps on the floor. But that probably wont be a big issue. The only game i saw a 18" chassis a requirement was skyrise.

Yes… this is insanely fast! And I still have no idea how did they managed to control the robot so well at that neck-breaking speed.

Sam is just insane :slight_smile:

@Aeden_6007 On the 60X robot, why did they set up chains on their drive the way they did? Is there an advantage to offsetting the motors like that?

The packaging of the drive motors and subsequent sprockets was mainly determined by the shape of the funnel and the desire to easily adjust the final ratio quickly. In order to be able to gear it up and down externally in the way I desired, all 3 motors had to be centralized on a central, driving sprocket. The only place where all 3 motors fit along with enough clearance for all sizes of sprockets was the position you see. I attached a picture so you can see the routing of the chain.

Rip that robot :frowning:

May he rest in pieces.

As far as I know, 2R made the fastest robot for a vex game ever.
It was made for early season nothing but net.
8 high speed motors with an external 3:1 ratio on 2.75" wheels or 3.125% faster than 60X’s NBN robot :stuck_out_tongue:

So ya see, I saw that video and thought it was a good idea to do that but on 3.25in wheels. Other AZ teams can confirm

I tied a match with you because your drive stalled, can confirm that it was the fastest and most effective drive I’ve ever seen.

(Only one of those things is sarcastic btw)

Yea and I definately dont have a box of 8 motors that are so mutilated that I would never use again… Wonder where those came from.

Also to be fair it was a 1v2 for me lol

IIRC we were paired with 2114B, and their linear puncher stalled or something, so we ended up doing the driver loads, even though we tried to be a field bot. Ended up being ~1.5v1