Fastest Drive?

I’d like to make my drive as fast as possible, but I am trying to figure out the best possible way to do this. Help?

How many motors are you giving your drivetrain?

Going with Turbo Motors really helped us last year.

The fastest possible drive train would probably have 12 turbo motors. Jokes aside, it really depends on how much leg room you desire for the rest of your robot. If you put too many of your available motors into your drive train, you won’t have enough motors for the actual robot, especially if you’re planning on using pneumatics. However, don’t forget that you can use transmission to transfer power to the chassis from other parts of your robot.
I’d honestly say your best bet would be to play around with trial and error while trying to keep within a maximum of 8 motors.

Additionally, you’ll likely want to experiment with different wheel types and speed ratios. You just may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

I know for a fact that 6 motor Turbo drive will work really well. From experience and accounts from other teams who tried an 8 motor Turbo drive, however, the slight increase in speed really doesn’t justify a whole two motors. At speeds that high, driver reflexes probably won’t even be enough to keep up with the robot.

tl;dr 6 motor turbo drive ftw

i tried a 16 motor drivetrain that was on a 2.3333 ratio on 5 inch wheels. It stalled out immediately, but it was terribly built so ya

Yea that shouldn’t have stalled quickly haha

The fastest drive i have mad is an 8 motor internally speed geared drive with external 1:3 for speed for an overall ratio of 1:4.8 on 3.25 inch wheels.

The things i would say about it is you will need lots of driving practice because it is HARD to drive. Also you would have to keep the weight of the robot to a Max of about 13lbs

6 motor turbo should do you this year:)

6 motor turbo should do you this year:)