Fastest linear lift?

I understand what you are saying about the gear ratio not changing, and I agree in principal that the force put on the lift will remain constant. The thing is once a scissor lift overcomes the initial torque the force required to move it goes down, where as a the dr4:6bs usually remain constant throughout the lift. Less force required = faster movement, this link shows what I am describing

I think in general it’s the quality of a build that hinders the friction and reinforcement more than anything else. With all things being equal both should be solid choices for this game, but it will always come down to strategy and quality of craftsmanship.

For this year we are coining drag bot to mean grab a mobile goal and score 20+ goals on it, and a field runner bot is one that flys around the filed scoring the mobile goals and then multiple cones in different areas.

I agree completely but i think DR4B are the favorite and most likely to be popular because they are much easier to build and get working. Though i did watch 5225A build their scissor lift back in skyrise and i think that was of the best lifts i have seen.

I would advise against cascade lifts because they are very difficult to build properly. If built properly they go quickly. The fastest lift I ever built was an 8 bar but I see that being impractical for this years game.

I guess I should link this.

I’m a fan of cascade lifts, it all started with this.

There are only that few teams that I would personally listed it down as legendary - 1103 is one of them.

I still used this video to show my teams that’s how they should present and talk about their robots :slight_smile: