Fastest Plausible Chassis for Change.Up

how fast do you think we can go before problems show up

I mean, that’s a fairly vague question. What do you mean by problems?

like it’s so fast that you literally cannot control it or the motors can’t take it or accel is too slow ,something like that

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it honestly depends on the driver. the faster it is, the harder it is to control. I would say anything around 300 rpm is definitely way too fast. the ideal speed imo would be around 257 rpm (600 rpm; 3:7).


is this the optimal speed on 4 inch omnis?

yeah, 84t gears are larger than 3.25" wheels

The optimal speed for 3.25" wheels might be 5:3 200RPM, which is about 270rpm on 4" wheel standards

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Personally I am doing 290RPM on 3.25" on a tank drive configuration, it definitely is fast but also pretty controllable.

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I think 300 rpm on 4" wheels is the most you want to go.


360rpm on 3.25 wheels isn’t terrible to control.

Source: last year

We ran 333rpm on 4in wheels in turning point. It was difficult to control at first, but driver practice seemed to solve it. Never seemed to burn out either.

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with the new remote competition rules, you can make your robot even lighter than before, because side rollers and a sorter are both kind of pointless. So burning out isn’t going to be a concern this year, controllability is key. if you can put in the hours to master a >300 rpm on 4" wheels drive, then go for it, but make sure you really can handle the speeds.

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some teams that did 5+ ft/s did just as well as teams that did ≈3 ft/s last year

and in case vf is forgetting, the team with the lowest skills time is going almost twice the linear velocity most ppl here are suggesting lol

it’s all about the driver

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Another thing that you have to take into account is the weight of your bot. The heavier then the slower you have to go to prevent motor burnout. And vice versa.

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