Fatal error

Our Brain is giving us a Fatal error message We have the basic claw bot built and all motors are plugged into the correct ports, we have the firmware updated.

The brain says fatal error when we…
turn on the remote and run the driver control program and start moving the robot. the lights on the remote and brain blinks green.
after 5 seconds of driving the brain says fatal error and it will not let us drive the robot.

What do we need to do?

Hi nashb1,

Was there any additional text displayed on the screen when this occurred? What was the charge level of the Robot Battery when the error occurred?

Do you still get this error message with a fully charged battery?

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Both were fully charged and now it keeps saying the control link is lost on the brain, We updated the fimeware

We just got fatal error, error code 1

Hi nashb1,

After further analysis, we believe this issue is due to a specific rare hardware fault in the Robot Brain.

Please contact VEX Technical Support at support@vexrobotics.com or +1-903-453-0802 to set up an RMA process to return this unit.


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