Faulty Vision Sensor

I was wondering if any other teams are having a problem with the vision sensor. Its lenses seems to be faulty and does not identify colors the way I believe it should. Mechanically, my team and I have tried to solve the issues by cleaning glass and checking wires. Now, I am just wondering what could be going wrong electronically. It it a problem in my code? I thought this sensor was already set up and easily integrated using VCS but we cannot seem to get it to work. Its like its a foreign, 3rd party object. Can someone please tell me why my robot (with the vision sensor) has an odd tendency to launch balls at my fellow teammates and by-standards autonomously? (keep in mind this is my fist year and I studied agriculture up until I joined robotics)


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I can’t help out too much unless you are able to provide us with important things such as the vision sensor’s interface, especially when running the code/setting signatures. Try figuring out where the problem lies - is it the code or the setup of the vision sensor itself?
(I’m assuming you’re trying to aim at flags) When you’re setting your signatures, try taking a signature of the flag, and then see if it can recognize other flags without picking up on visual noise too much. This may take a few tries and some tinkering with the tolerance values. Also, my team found that lighting is super important when setting these signatures; I believe we had to cast a bit of a shadow on the flag to create a gradient when setting the signature.
If that’s done, then the next step would be to look at the code - is everything correct there? Something that I suggest trying is “importing” what the vision sensor sees onto the brain LCD. When the vision sensor detects an object, it returns a rectangle with coordinates and width (iirc) which can be used in programming. Using these coordinates, you can draw rectangles on the brain LCD, which can be useful when debugging.
Good luck!