It looks like the old favicon is gone, https://vexforum.com/favicon.ico

What was favicon?

It still shows up for me on the home page, but as soon as I go anywhere else it’s blank. I think this is just Chrome’s caching.

It may just be me, but I was just looking around, and I can’t find any that aren’t either plank pieces of paper or green locks any more. I think that this goes beyond just the forum.
My school website used to have one, but now it’s just a plank sheet as well.

vexforum.com used to have a favicon in its root directory and now its missing, ether that or esotalk’s rewrite rules are messing with it (ive only used esotalk on nginx and i diddnt notice them rewriting the favicon so idk)

I think you’re looking at the wrong thing.
This is the favicon.
This is just showing whether or not your connection to the site is encrypted (secure connection) or not.

Oh, your right.
I misunderstood.
The picture on wikipedia page points toward that.