Favorite game system?

Another one of polls
if u’ve posted before:confused: u know the drill;) so give a thrill:eek: and make the thread interesting!:cool:

note: i put some game systems separately even though made by same company because i wanted a more specific poll
thank for all those who voted
voting helps ppl get to know each other better making a more friendly forum

What about the DS and the PSP?

thx for pointing out the psp but the ds is listed because i put etc.

to prevent cofusion i will count ps1/ps2/ps3 as psp also ty tmax


I own a DS and while it may not have the reputation the PSP does it is cool. I can also watch movies and listen to music on mine.:smiley:

Well, I don’t know where to start, I have:
XBOX 360
gaming PC
*=previously owned and now gotten rid of
you could say that I have it all, I pretty much do:D . My normal schedule was to play 8 hours a day, but this year in high school, I have had alot more homework.:mad:

What a loser:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :DLol

What eve. Anyway, I know the Playstation 3 has had some bad rap, but it is a very good system, I enjoy mine, but all of the games I have been wanting (and everyone else who has one) keep on getting held back until the fall, for instance:
Killzone 2
Medal of Honor:Airborne

These are the main 2 that owners are begging for, I am begging for a few more, but that’s just me.:cool:

xbox 360 rocks w/ call of duty 3!

Thats a not a bad thing.
Lets see one is the fastes selling system of all time and one had bad
battery life and way too many ports.

Are you talking about the PSP? The battery life is great! Especially in the fact that you don’t need normal batteries. I charge mine every other day and there is not too many ports at all.

I aven’t charged my DS in a week and I play it daily and it only has a port for the mic, headphones, and a charger. The games are pretty good too.

The only reason that people are saying things like “The wii is better than the PS3”, is because of the motion sensor in the contoller.

The fact is that the PS3 has some too, they just dont advritise it…

They advertise the good points of the system so the six-axis controller must not be great with its motion sensing capabilities. I think the Wii has an advantage and is better looking. Ps3 games are also taking a long time to come out the Wii is just the opposite.

I had the opportunity to get a Wii when it first came out, but I looked at all the games and none of them were nearly in my age! they were all for like 10 year olds or less!!!:mad: :mad: That’s why I kind of abandoned Nintendo b/c the systems have a bunch of “E” rated games that all star Mario or something VERY childish and every once in a blue moon a fantastic game will come out for it. I got the GC when it first came out and had this problem, there were no games to buy that were remotely good besides Resident Evil 4. Besides that game, that system can go to the dogs. I had absolutely NO fun whatsoever on that system, waste of my (whatever it cost) money. That’s why I chose the PS3 instead b/c I know there would be a great selection of games in every category and they are more suited for an older crowd (such as myself), sure they have the kiddie games, but they have more RPGs, FPS, and whatever else, such as the 360. That’s why I have that too. And the Six-Axis controller is very light (1/2 of the 360 controller without the battery) and is sensitive to the perfect touch. If only the games would use the capabilities more, it could really hit off.

you have alot of gaming systems, when do you vex, or do you time travel:D

Not great compared to ds and I what kind of ports did you think i was talking about?

well, i would have to go with my PS2, just because it have had it the longest and found it to have the best games. also i am always watching movies with it.