favorite guitar.

Pick out of these:D :cool: :cool:

hmm, you appear to have not made a poll. just list your guitars to choose from in a follow-up post, instead of another entire thread.

Srry i was working on it but my mom had to get on the computer.:smiley: :cool: :cool:

Oh you like the firebird too. I love blues and classical music me and my mom have like 10 guitars total, most of which are aucoustic but i like the classical guitar and my electric new york pro i don’t like it all that much but it does the job:D :cool: :cool:

I actually don’t play guitar, just Electric Bass… I own two, a 1984 Peavey Foundation and a 1991 5-string Ibanez.

I like the sound of the Hollow Body Electric…

cool i didnt put any ibanez guitars up there because well i hate them
:smiley: :cool: :cool:Well most anyway

?:confused: ?
It’s not if you like it or not, it’s about who else likes it.

Yes i know but i have the power mwufufufu:D

lol ibanez is up there just kidding with you.

Only because I put it there a few months ago.
Who has the power? :wink:

You…:o ;)I was wondering how there was 11 thing up there

I can’t play guitar, just Guitar Hero. I might learn this summer:(

ya same here i cant play guitar just guitar hero i want 3

I just learned the song “black dog” by Led Zeppelin

my friend has a really nice guitar, dont know what model or what its called but its realy cool, i think he had it customized

black dogs one of my favorate songs my favorate guitars is probably the les pauls or firebird