Favorite Hobbies

Just say what your favorite hobbies are. If it is robotics, then say that, and something else.

My favorite hobbies are computer stuff, and robotics.

Favorite hobby: robotics, programming
Favorite sport: snowboarding

In regards to the poll, I don’t think robotics is a sport because there is really not much physical activity involved

Favorite Hobbies: Robotics, Programming, Speedcubing (Solving the Rubik’s cube for speed :cool:).
Favorite Sport: Cross Counrty, Track, Running in general.

As far as robotics being considered a sport I am still torn between the options. I can see valid arguments for both. This is also a common argument in one of my other hobbies (speedcubing). The community is a little bit larger than ours and there are also competitions like robotics, so they are about the same as robotics but the argument probably will not get settled.

But what about archery then. I think almost every one here would consider that a sport especialy since it is in the olympics.

For those of us without access to fancy power tools, there are countless hours of sawing and filing and hammering involved in making anything customized. And I know that I’ve sacrificed a nontrivial amount of blood to the robot gods, but maybe that’s just me not being safe.

What I consider a sport is something that uses 50% physical ability (or more) and 50% mental ability (or more). Robotics (at least I think) uses only about 25% physical ability (in my opinion anyways!). It is tricky getting in screw and spacers sometimes and I definitely start sweating when I work hard but I do not think that it uses a lot of physical ability.
That’s my thoughts on it.

My favorite hobbies are robotics, and web design.

I would say that robotics is sort of a sport. The last meeting my team had, I was sweating at the end. We were using rubber bands to help our arm and it was pretty hard to hold a piece down with rubber bands attached.

I think robotics is 87% sportish…(If that is a word)…

So when your doing robotics your only using 13% brain power?

I use more mental power when I am working on robotics.

I use more brain power in robotics than in any other sport.

You have to think through your next step and plan it out. Then you can let it out and do it.

For a sport like basketball you have to make fast decisions that take seconds.

That is what I meant.

robotics is a hobby. sports require a certain amount of physical activity. robotics requires a greater amount of a mental ability. Robotics is 100% mental.

My favorite hobbies are robotics and putting da team on my back

My favorite sports are basketball, football, baseball, and golf

This is the definition of a sport:
an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc.

So, I guess that makes robotics a hobbie not really a sport.

I am going to pretend I never saw that definition though :smiley:

Favorite Hobbies: Robotics, Programming, Problem-Solving, Modeling, and Playing Bass.
Favorite Sport: Swimming and Fencing (Don’t really like sports, but I enjoy doing these).

What about a Chess Competition???

I Voted YES on Sport, because Robotics, even though it is not usually physically challenging, when presented as a Robotics Competition is a Spectator Sport, and even wagers could be applied to the outcome, just like regular Sporting events.

I searched for a post by magicode in chit-chat, to comment on sig without polluting the tech forums…

The sig quote doesn’t scan well, since the categories have some overlap.
Consider also …
And those who see a base-4 joke coming,
and those who realized long ago that it is extendable to any base.

Or is it only to integer bases > 2?
I don’t recall ever personally using non-integer bases, or base < 1.

Aren’t Non-Integers bases usually less than One???

Since there are (some type of) infinity of bases, ‘usually’ has some implications about histogram of usage, and I haven’t used any of them, so they are all equally likely (at probability zero), based on my data so far.

second screenful onward mentions phinary as a non-integer base > 1.