Favorite PC BRAND

What is your favorite computer brand? I am a fan of Alienware and Sony, but what do you think? (sorry, but I forget how to add a poll on here, could someone please remind me? Then I will post another thread with the poll, Thanks)

Ok, I figured out how to do a poll. No need to reply!

laptops, desktops or both?

I don’t really like dell that much at all. i have a HP I like it but the screen that it comes with isnt that good but its a flat screen.

Laptops and Desktops.

I think that Dells are ok if you want a cheap computer that will last for 3 years. I think that HPs are much better than Dell, or even worse…Gateway!

I haven’t used gateways that much, but what i have used is the really old MACs
the giant one that weighed like 30lbsJust a guess it was green

the only good thing was that you didn’t have to worry about putting the computer somewhere and there was only like 3 cords

HOLLY COW! 30lbs!!! That is unbelivable, just think we have computers now that weigh less than 2lbs, and are way more powerful than that old Mac. Do you still use Macs, or do you use Microsoft?

Our school bought a few gateways, they lasted a year each…waste of $800 dollars each

No it got like super bad virus and was like impossible to get to turn on we even tried putting linex on it and the recovery disc and there is this special password that you type in when its booting up but it didn’t work.

We gave it away
Oh and i think we got it in 1998 or something like that

Sounds like the original iMac, which at the time were still running Mac OS 9. Our (FRC) Robotics Team still has a few of those kicking around (upgraded to Max OS X, v. 10.3 though), even though now we mainly use the newer iMacs for video, photo, website, and graphics stuff, and our Compaq PC desktop for programming.

When buying a computer, you get what you pay for. When you buy cheap computers, whether from Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc., you’re still getting something that’s barely adequate for the job. I’ve had two Dell computers in the last few years, a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop (stock: 1.4Ghz Celeron, 512m RAM, CD-R/RW drive, 40g HDD) and a Dell desktop (stock: dual-processor 3.0 Ghz P4, 512m RAM, dual CD-R/DVD-R drives, 80g HDD), and been satisfied with them enough to continue purchasing Dell computers in the future. (Especially that you can now buy them with Ubuntu instead of Windows. ;))

My laptop hasn’t had any problems after two years (only upgraded RAM). The only problem I’ve had with my desktop (which is four years old) was a smoked video card, but I used to do a lot of video and graphics-intensive work on that (ever render video for eight hours straight?), and the stock graphics card didn’t come with a built-in fan. Otherwise, I’ve maxed out the available PCI card slots with additional USB2/Firewire ports (now totaling at 18 USB ports and 7 Firewire), and added a video capturing/rendering card.

If I were to marry a PC company, it would be Alienware, but since Alienware cheated on me with HP(Hewlett-Packard) they aren’t as good. HP has to ruin everything.

I think that Alienware is cool, but totally unnessisary. I mean come on…liquid cooled laptops? OVERKILL!

i think that was a detour from engineering a cooler way of running a good gaming cpu

i have a comaq which ive had for a year and works great will probably upgrade ram to go faster but works good i pritty much like sony and hp

Yeah, I have a Sony and it works just fine.

Hp All The Way!!

i choose dell but i just got an acer laptop and have had NO problems with it

Macs ftw!

I think that Dells are good, but they do not put great parts in them.