Favorite show

Choose from most loved list or tell us yo own.


its a toss up between Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters

For me it is a tie between Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters also

House is my favorite, although I will never miss out on a Mythbusters, or the show right after it, Future Weapons!:smiley:


I know I responded to this Poll and Thread yesterday, but my response is “missing”…

Is anyone else experencing any “weird” postings and missing messages??

Stargate SG-1
Specifically, the Zatnikitel…hey, my nick everywhere else is Zatnikitelman, go figure.

Mythbusters are awsome!

That happened to me also, but in my case…

It created duplicates of threads…

One, I had responded to, one I hadn’t…

Mythbusters All The Way!!!:smiley:

Hmm… Is there some connection between using vex and loving mythbusters…?

Why, YES…

Mythbusters Test the Vex Robotics Design System.

Go mithbusters,Go mithbusters,Go mithbusters,Go mithbusters,Go mithbusters

dude you spelled it wrong:rolleyes:

mythbusters, dirty jobs, simpsons , monk , scrubs , rob and big , runs house ,pimp my ride, fresh prince , and a bunch more

Definitely House.:slight_smile: I like Mythbusters too but I don’t have cable or satellite so I can’t watch it.:frowning: