Favorite Snacks

Out of curiosity, what are your favorite snacks for when you guys and gals are staying up late building bots?

Pic related, it’s one of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude yes, chedar and sour cream all the way man

Based on our concession sales at our events, I’d say that Skittles are the most popular snack among roboteers.

I will take some Red Bull, pretty much any flavor and some doughnuts, preferably long johns.

You’ll get mini donuts and you’ll like it

Any doughnut is a mini doughnut for me.

Fine Ill get you mini-mini donuts then.
Ps: spell donuts correctly plz

Awesome mini-mini doughnuts!

About a dozen = a normal donut for you

Can confirm this is true

OK spell donut with me, d-o-n-u-t, I thought you were from Wisconsin man

Ok D-o-u-g-h-n-u-t

He’s an RSM but can’t even spell :frowning:

Nah, just an intern

I usually have a big helping of dissappointment when doing late night robotics. Anyone else?

Ya. My teammates hate to work with me on late nights because I get super anxious after its 10 and we’ve been working for 8 hours and the robot is exactly the same.

Fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot, gushers, chex mix, sprite. Ultimate combo

Mountain Dew is a necessity.

Fritos ez no contest

My team eats almost entirely dollar store foood, as we have like 30 people to feed with a comparably small amount of money for 2-3 meetings a week. We particularly enjoy knockoff Mountain Dew, honey buns, and poptarts. We also have a lot of pizza.