Favorite Submissions: Online Challenges

Yay - another one :smiley:

how does voting for the girl power essay work? do they need like a certain amount of votes to move onto the next round?

Voting does not automatically decides the winner. It’s just a factor to consider when judges makes their decision. Good entries with 0 votes can enter the top 10. Sometimes bad entries with 100 votes does not enter the top 10.

Like all the programs of the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation, the Online Challenges have rules that are posted online. This is from the “Judging Information” section of the “Girl Powered” challenge:

Judges will select at least ten finalists from the submitted entries and will take community-voting results into account in making their final selections. The finalists will then be judged by additional selected professionals whose scores will be combined with the preliminary-round judges’ scores to determine the winner of the Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge.