Favorite Thing to Do

What is Your Favorite Thing to do?

Work with the Vex

Do your Job/Go to school


feel free to post why it is your favorite thing to do.

I don’t mind school and I love to work on my robots, but I also like to work at my job(HyVee, it’s a very big grocery store, 4th largest in the U.S.) so I can recieve $m$o$n$e$y$ to buy new vex parts.:smiley:

wow my father go’s all the time to the mall of america because his job is in minnosota. just reminded me of it. :smiley:

VEX I find is addicting, but in a good way I guess.

now that i think about it it is addicting because hours fly by in a minute

I spend a ton of time with friends and only spend several hours a week on vex but i try to keep up to date here in the forum and in those several hours of vex I have alot of fun. I also spend a ton of time playing soccer i am on one of the top teams in the state of Oregon

i like to work with my VEX kit, although for six weeks i will be rather busy with FRC