Favorite TV Channel

whats your favorite TV channel
choose from the list or tell us your own

[FONT=“Impact”]WHERE’S G4?!?!?![/FONT]
Thats my favorite channel

Discovery all the way, mythbusters, dirty jobs, shark week…

Couldn’t decide between History or Discovery. In the end I went to the History channel, since I watch it slightly more often. History and Discovery are both very good channels, though.

Mac person talking-I don’t have any cable or local channels, I use apple tv all the way. I get iTunes multi-passes of the daily show and the colbert report (where dean kamen appeared once), and I get seasons of south park. Tv doesn’t really control my schedule, and i don’t have to see commercials.

Mrclark-you can rip DVDs from handbrake and sync them to apple tv.

Mac person done talking

dicovery , mtv, tbs, and spike ,comedy